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The Fam

Chris lake


That’s me. I write this blog. I’m a writer.



This is my wife. She’s really good for me. We’re a lot alike, except she’s less whiny and needy.

he Little Professor

“The Little Professor”

He’s my oldest. His diagnosis and prognosis have never been really clear, but he’s considered to be on the autism spectrum, is moderately cognitively impaired, and has severe speech apraxia. He’s taught me more about what’s important in life than anyone or anything else. He’s also saved my life.

Little Bird

“Little Bird”

My younger son, now the middle child of three boys. He’s precocious, he loves to read, he’s already more popular in the second grade than I ever was throughout my education, and he has a penchant for pop music. When he was born, I called him my little bird.

The Boy

“The Boy”

The youngest of the three, The Boy is my step-son. He’s high-energy, intensely emotional, and a total extrovert. He needs to be around others, which has a tendency to get under Little Bird’s skin. He’s also the same size as (if not slightly bigger than) Little Bird, despite a year and a half age difference.


5 thoughts on “The Fam

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  4. Your boys look wonderful! I never thought I’d be a “boy mum” – but 4 boys (and no girls) later, I am LOVING parenting these little men. I’ve just started blogging about our lives. You might like my humorous take on Family Rules: http://boybandinthemaking.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/family-rules-or-so-they-say/

    Please visit – I’m following you. (Ugh, did that sound creepy/stalkerish?)

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