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Everything is Awesome: A St. Baldrick’s Team


Two years ago, the words of a grieving-yet-surviving mother had moved me to shave my head for a good cause: to stand in solidarity with children with cancer and to raise funds to support the research to conquer it. One year ago, we cheered others on as they did the same. I even made a little slideshow to remind folks that hair grows back; people don’t.

This year, I continue to cheer for others and share in their joy. I didn’t feel comfortable asking for any donations after readers had been so generous in helping my family with funeral costs after my mom passed. (And I totally still owe you guys a blog post for that! Guilt!) However, my lovely wife and step-son are going under the clippers this year!

LucasIn a short interview with Mary Tyler Mom, Lucas  (The Boy) stated, “I have lots of curly hair and I’m shaving it because I don’t really care about my hair. It makes me happy to shave it because I’m raising money. I think it’s important. I’m raising money for kids cancer and the money goes to St. Baldrick’s to help kids with cancer.”

As a dad, I’m hoping he’ll see that even small humans can make a big difference. Help him make that difference. A donation of even $3 (the cost of a small latte), $4 (a Lego minifig), or $5 (a crappy value “meal”) will go a long way. Well, I hope it will. He is only seven.

Thank you. Love you.



Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College employee, parent, soap-maker.

5 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome: A St. Baldrick’s Team

  1. Such a handsome boy. Lots of Hope at thevSt.Baldrick’s Shave today.

  2. Done, my dear! Love to all of you.

  3. Thank you for this post – a reminder of what a blessing it is to have healthy children and that the generosity of others is equally as beautiful…

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