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I’m streaming live from the St. Baldrick’s shaving event in Chicago!


3:15-ish Eastern, 2:15-ish local (Central)! This is the first time I’ve streamed live. Please be gentle with me. 😉 Here’s the link!


About 24 shavees are expected to be participating today, and I’m excited to see just how much money they raise. Last year’s even raised $79,000! And don’t forget: it’s not too late to DONATE! 😀

Among those present will be:

Bloggers, please feel free to link up your other pages in the comments below. (e.g. the Twitters and the Pinterests and whatnot.)


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

6 thoughts on “I’m streaming live from the St. Baldrick’s shaving event in Chicago!

  1. I was to be there, but car troubles keep me home. I raised a mere $515, having gotten involved VERY LATE, but will jump through NCAA hoops next year to get to my goal AND have a driver standing on wait for me. lol

    GIVE MARY TYLER MOM a hug from me, please…. and IWADB, ie: Katy already has one comin’ her way.

    YOU GO, CHRIS!!!!!!!! ❤

    • Thanks, Leighane! I’m just here to cheer on the shavees. Not going bald this time around.

      • Doesn’t matter if you shave or not. SUPPORT is the key and that’s why I “love” you, LOVE your blog and the beautiful moments you’re sharing with ALL OF US right now…. *especially me, since I’m supposed to be there… and you are making it REAL for me* THANK YOU!!! WOOT!!!

  2. I love this event! Thankfully one of my favorite bloggers (Monster in Your Closet) reminded us all of the event some time back and provided the link to support.

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