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Chicago, Round Two: A St. Baldrick’s Post


Going Bald, Raising Funds

One year ago, my wife and I (and Deb, along with many others) made good on a commitment to shave our heads (read about our decision to do that here) while friends, family, and complete strangers alike gave their money to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fund childhood cancer research. Here are the before and after photos:

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Amazing People

We did it all for Donna. The experience was incredible. We finally got to meet Mary Tyler Mom (Donna’s Mama), Nikki of Moms Who Drink and Swear, Katy of I Want a Dumpster Baby, and lots of other amazing folks like Shannon Shelley, who also traveled with her wife to Chicago (from Georgia) to get their heads shaved for Donna, with baby. The “Shavin’ Shelleys” will be doing it again this year!

Making It Happen

There a lots of ways to support a worthy cause. Our good friends Jamie and Jason let us stay at their house, and General Motors even let me borrow a sweet, new Chevy Volt for the trip down there. It was a smooth (and inexpensive!) drive, and it drummed up conversation wherever we went. I didn’t have to stop for gas the entire drive from Detroit to Chicago. I was thankful for the ride! (The car really deserves its own, separate post, but these pics will have to do.)

Giving Back

In exactly one week Karin and I will be driving back to Chicago. While we are not shaving our heads again this year, we will be there, cheering on everyone who is, helping out where we can, smiling, crying, and laughing. In fact, the experience last year really changed my life, and I wanted to do something to give back. Over the course of this past year, I put together a short video set to my own version of Katy Perry’s Firework–a song MTM thought Donna would have loved–because hair grows back, people don’t.

And it’s with that in mind that I ask you to consider donating to St. Baldrick’s on behalf of Donna’s Good Things.

Please click here to DONATE or to learn more about St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Every bit helps. $100, $50, $25, $10, $5, or even $3! Your donation makes a difference. Choose hope.

Thank you so much.



Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

13 thoughts on “Chicago, Round Two: A St. Baldrick’s Post

  1. Rockin’. Everything about this. Just rockin’.

  2. Yay! Throw some happy thoughts down south tomorrow for Team Robot Boy, too! 12 year old son has decided to shave his head for Robot Boy. Overnight he raised over $500, and we still have 36 hours to go.

    The best thing about his decision is that he will learn first hand the power of one individual to make change in the world!

  3. Love it! I love the way this post turned out. It looks great. I suppose that makes it okay that you kept me from sleeping soundly last night while you finished it. 😉

  4. You are awesome. Enough said.

  5. I never thought that this action for true, count me from somewhere far away from Ur country, this is warming heart story! I like it! Thank’s for sharing, and greetings 🙂

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