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The End


Stephen Covey taught me to “begin with the end in mind.” When I started writing, the end goal was nothing more than having a creative outlet that would lead me to other modes of creative activity. But if you want to achieve a goal, you actually have to move in the direction of that goal. That statement seems painfully obvious, but I tend to get into the habit of wishing and waiting. When you’re engaged in something deeply, you make more of those distant connections or vague associations that you wouldn’t have come across during periods of distraction or preoccupation, which for me are frequent and extended.

If the “end,” then, is to become more engaged in creative activities, I have to ask myself, “Have I succeeded? Or have I lost focus of the end goal?” When I created the blog, I thought, “I should really write a few ideas and save them, then start to publish them on a schedule; you know, to have a buffer.” But when I first put my thoughts and feelings into a piece of writing, it felt too timely and personal to let it sit around twiddling its thumbs in cyberspace. Nope, I had to hit that Publish button. And then the pressure was on. How frequently should I publish? What should I publish next?

And just like that, the focus shifted to publishing, not writing, not a personal creative outlet.

So without any pomp, without countless re-reads and several revisions, without searching for the perfect royalty-free image to compliment the text, I am writing this post. I am writing with no promise of future posts, with no “big plans” for the blog, and with no potential reader in mind. I am writing because I can, and because it feels good.



And yes, I hit the Publish button.


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

17 thoughts on “The End

  1. i should follow your lead… good to hear from you again!

  2. I wish you much continued success on whatever paths your adventure takes you.


  3. Never loose the spirit you started the adventure with. xxxx

  4. Wonderful to read you again, Chris. When I began my blog I thought I “had” to write at least once a week, especially upon reading other bloggers who posted sometimes several times a week and had a huge following. Since letting go of the blogging box I put myself in, I now blog when I need to blog…when the words are striking me and thoughts are too pressing to leave in my own little head. I worry not about the number of followers (and as such, my little posse has grown within the last few months in leaps and bounds, ironically), who comments, or if my words are perfect with the perfect pic to accompany them. Thus, my blog is a release, which for me, I wanted it to be, as well as a place to hopefully continue encouraging others-single moms and everyone in between. Yes, it indeed feels good, so kudos. Much love! XOXO-SWM

  5. I feel the same way…you said just right!

  6. Good to read your words once again. I remain proud of you and your writing.

  7. I’m going to save this post and re-read it a million times. I get so far ahead of myself, fretting over details in a plot twist I haven’t even written yet, that I forget to slow down, chill out, and enjoy writing.

  8. You have spoken the mind of bloggers the world over, fantastic.From reading your posts you come across as being very sincere,real and great to read.I love your style because you are not trying to be anybody else but you..Please do share more and any more thoughts you have on this topic in your own time..love it ;0)

    • Thanks, Poet! It can start to feel like a lot of pressure, right? I think part of my hesitation to keep up the blog is fear of trolls. I haven’t had any yet, and I know that they’ll start to show up as soon as this blog actually goes somewhere. :/

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