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12 days that amaze, Day 11: Friends old and new


This is the eleventh of 12 “amazing” installments of “12 days that amaze.” I am pushing myself to write 12 posts about things that amaze me leading up to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser in Chicago that Karin, Deb and I are participating in. In doing so, I must also be open to the everyday amazing things that happen around me.

In the ocean I drift.
Waves alternately confound and aid.
On the horizon I see others who
Some are known,
Some yet unknown,
All a part of the ocean.
Of my ocean.
Of me.

http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1046481I’ve only briefly mentioned my friends in Chicago with whom we’ll be staying this weekend. I’ve written about some of the amazing people I’ll be meeting in person for the first time because my primary focus has been on St. Baldrick’s for a little while now, but we might not have decided to make the drive to participate in this particular event if not for the hospitality and friendship of Jamie and Jason.

I met Jamie in high school (or was it junior high?). She was really more Karin’s friend, but I wanted to be in their crowd. They were the drama club kids. When my sister joined the drama club, it gave me a sort of guest pass to hang out with them, and when Karin and I went to homecoming together (as friends–mostly), I got to actually enter their lair, which happened to be Jamie’s parents’ basement. As it turns out, I wasn’t allowed to be a part of their group because of some jealousy-based rivalry between me and a guy I was in band with (there was some overlap between marching band and the drama club, you see), even though I had no idea I was his rival. This all came out relatively recently, and I now admire and enjoy the company of this once adolescent rival of mine when I get to see him.

Anywho, I had reconnected with Jamie on Facebook at some point, and she even mailed me a mix of some of her favorite music because she’s cool like that. And when Karin and I reconnected and eventually decided to have a relationship, it gave me the opportunity to see Jamie again after many years. She married a funny, sweet, nerdy man–who sometimes goes by JvG–and moved to Chicago. (Actually, a few of our high school friends have since moved there and I think Karin would love to do the same.) And as much as it stresses me out, I love Chicago. It’s a big, beautiful city inhabited by some of the most amazing folks I know.

It’s interesting to me how certain people can drift in and out of focus, yet always be a part of your life. I am grateful to and thankful for my friend Jamie who fell out of my line of sight for many years, then returned even more impressive and lovely than before. I’m also thankful for her husband who I am glad to count among my newer friends, and for the friends who–until this Saturday–will have only existed in my cyber world: Deb, Katy, Sheila and Nikki. I’m also thankful for the slew of other good folks who aren’t yet within my scope of vision, but surely will be very soon.

We’re a part of something good, together. We’re all partners, co-drifters. Thanks for being in my ocean. It’s really kind of amazing.


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

6 thoughts on “12 days that amaze, Day 11: Friends old and new

  1. great post… cool that you are meeting some cyber friends 🙂

  2. Chris, this is beautiful! Your “background” paragraph made me smile, chuckle and eventually laugh. Perfect description of mostly mild adolescent angst and posturing.

    The poem is lovely and this line: “It’s interesting to me how certain people can drift in and out of focus, yet always be a part of your life.” struck a chord with me. I am always trying to explain to “new” people (who don’t seem to get it) that there are those who are very important to me and who I consider to be very close friends who will always hold that place of heart even though I may not have seen them in years. That stitch, though perhaps dropped, can always easily be picked up again and the knitting never even shows a flaw. I really love those types of friendships.

    ps: I’ll be watching the Chi-town news on Sat. 🙂

    • Thank you! I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk by writing some prose, since I hadn’t done it before. Not on the blog, anyway, and not often in my personal life.

      The people we have relationships with, whether I like it or not, will always hold a place in our lives. Some better, some … well … some provide contrast.

  3. Looking forward to tomorrow for all of you guys. It has been a blessing to able to follow each of your journeys for this very-needed cause (for me: you and Deb), and I’m proud to “know” you in this cyber world and just in general. You are all top-notch in my book!

    • Thanks for your encouragement and support! I have yet to do my big write-up. (I think I burned myself out for a few days after the whole 12 days thing.) Watch for it! 😉

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