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12 days that amaze, Day 3: I keep good company.


This is the third of 12 amazing installments of “12 days that amaze” I am pushing myself to write 12 posts about things that amaze me leading up to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser in Chicago that Karin, Deb and I are participating in. In doing so, I must also be open to the everyday amazing things that happen around me.

Everyone has obstacles to overcome. Some obstacles are simply insurmountable and we lose the battle despite our best efforts. Other obstacles are merely challenges and we push right through them. And then there are those obstacles which seem insurmountable at times, and we have a choice to make: succeed or fail.

“I keep good company.”

I’ve said this phrase a lot over the past few days in response to all the positive energy surrounding the upcoming St. Baldrick’s event and fellow bloggers. You know, the internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it? For me, connectedness is at the top of my list of “things that energize me.” I’ve met some of the most amazing people through blogging. Well, I haven’t met them in person, yet, but I will meet some of them very soon.

I already talked about Deb in my first “amazing” post this past Monday. She’s one of the amazing people I’m looking forward to meeting in a week and a half. So today I want to talk about two other amazing new friends I’ll be meeting in person.

First up, Katy of I Want a Dumpster Baby. (I sometimes affectionately call her Kitty. It’s the glasses, I think.) Katy is an open book. She’s honest with herself and others, and she’s passionate about what she believes in. Every day on Facebook and on her blog when she writes, I see her humor and strength. The blog post that really hooked me was “Gratitude for 10 Years Sober.” That was the day I perked up and really started paying attention. So much strength. So much gratitude. She has taken on what I presume felt like an insurmountable task, and has continued to do so for 10 straight years. I suspect there are days when it starts to feel that way again, and she pushes through it. Amazing.

The other person probably goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: Sheila of Mary Tyler Mom. She’s a true inspiration. Again with the honesty, passion, and humor. As a parent of a child with special needs, I’ve always said, when faced with tragedy, you find purpose and meaning in it or risk self-destruction. Donna’s obstacle, despite everyone’s best efforts, was insurmountable, but there were many successfully cleared obstacles along the way. Sheila and her husband are heroes to me. And again, in their case, I know that there are gut-wrenching, seemingly impossible days, yet they push through it. Amazing.

Honestly, I don’t have words to describe how much folks like this inspire me, but that never stopped me from trying. March 24th promises to be an emotional day, and I’m so looking forward to it all. I’m proud and honored to call these people my friends. After all, I keep good company.

No–amazing company.

P.S. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like. 🙂


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

9 thoughts on “12 days that amaze, Day 3: I keep good company.

  1. well aren’t you the sweetest? thanks my friend. I think you are pretty amazing too. THese words are inspiring. Cannot wait to meet you!

  2. I love these posts, Chris. I love the journey you are catalogging for those of us who cannot attend and participate to the level that you all are for this wonderful cause. I love getting read and agree with the sentiments that you feel regarding the blogging world and those we meet along the way. All of it is inspiring to me…I gravitate towards the positive energy that is emitted through those bloggers I’ve chosen to follow so far. I know there are many, many more…and in keeping this kind of “good company” that you speak of I feel a suit of armor engulfing me against negativism that is so easy to fall into when times are tough. You, all of you, are AWESOME with a capital “A”!

    • Thank you, SWM! I love publishing a new post every day. I hope I’m able to keep up with my own personal challenge.

      It’s not my intention to write about the fundraiser every day, but it’s easy to find amazing things related to said event.

      And “Yes!” to everything you said. It’s really easy to find sarcastic, negative, whiny garbage all over the internet. It’s not delusional to focus on the positive–it’s life-altering.

  3. Great post Chris. 12 days of inspiration is a beautiful thing and you are 2 for 2! These women are inspiring as are you and Karin. What you are all doing day in and day out is so wonderful and gives so much. You both inspire well beyond just this cause. Your parenting, your relationship, your support and love of one another and those around you. Hopefully, you will turn the mirror on yourselves at some point in this process as well.

    • Thank you, Shannon. Actually, I’m 3 for 3. 😉 I’m just a guy with some hair and a blog. I use words. My mom always said I should become a writer–it only took me until my mid-30s to start listening.

      I’m no saint, believe me! I’ve lived so selfishly for so long. I mean it when I say that committing to this event has changed my life.

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