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12 days that amaze, Day 2: My singing, dancing, robot son


This is the second of 12 amazing installments of “12 days that amaze” I am pushing myself to write 12 posts about things that amaze me leading up to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser in Chicago that Karin, Deb and I are participating in. In doing so, I must also be open to the everyday amazing things that happen around me.

I’ve written about my oldest son a few times before. When I started blogging, I wasn’t sure how much I’d talk about raising a son with special needs, but I thought it would be more than I do. The revealing implication of the fact that I don’t often write about it is that I don’t dwell on the challenges of special needs parenting. That’s not to slight anyone who does. But while his challenges aren’t minor, they’re far less severe than those of other children I’ve met or read about. I also try to focus on the good things in life. That’s not always easy to do, except (surprisingly) when it comes to my Little Professor.

Even though I hate the fact that he lives with a disability, I’ve accepted the Little Professor for who he is. Beyond that, I’ve embraced it, for the most part. You can read all about that here. So any new skill that he starts to develop is a major accomplishment in our “family ecosystem,” as my ex-wife and her husband have coined it.

The Little Professor's leg in a cast, adorning a reflective slap bracelet courtesy of goguiltypleasures.com.

The Little Professor's leg in a cast, adorning a reflective slap bracelet courtesy of goguiltypleasures.com.

The Little Professor broke his leg a couple of months ago, and his motor skills are lacking as it is, so recovery has been slow and arduous. He’s now limping on his “bad” leg, but he wouldn’t put an ounce of weight on it when he got his cast off two weeks ago. He also has no real speech. He can say “yeah” and that’s about it. So to hear him “sing” is truly, literally, music to my ears.

The Little Professor has started “singing” along with music he likes at dinner time, and sometimes he’ll even use his fork as a microphone or do a little dance in his seat. Well, last night as we were listening to some new music during dinner (as we are wont to do), the Little Professor did something amazing. Standing in the kitchen, he busted out his new robot moves.

Karin and LP with matching slap bracelets

This photo has nothing to do with this paragraph--just another fun slap bracelet pic for Jules the chipmunk lover.

And they were good moves! Karin and I laughed our asses off in delight of this new move that we had no idea he had learned, or from whom he had learned it. I’m guessing it was one of the more radical teachers at his school. A few of them are pretty awesome, but there are only a couple I can think of who are certifiably rad.

Here was my sweet boy, not only walking again, but singing, dancing, and even doing the robot. If I ever start my “Moments That Matter” journal, this is going in it.

I am so thankful for my Little Professor and his sweet dance moves. He is truly amazing.

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GGP slap bracelet twins

Wonder Twin powers, activate! (Thanks, Jules!)


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

14 thoughts on “12 days that amaze, Day 2: My singing, dancing, robot son

  1. Awww! F’s a lucky Little Professor to have such an awesome Dad!

  2. Oh yes, what you describe here is truly worthy of a position on the “moments that matter” list not just for you and your family, but for anyone who needs a little smile, a little hope, a little courage. Your son is remarkable, but YOU are remarkable for seeing his light and fostering it so it can continue to grow!!!! Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a part of this uplifting post!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! It was music to our ears, also. F is such an amazing human being!

  4. I don’t know where to begin with the awesomeness of this post! Between being on your blog, with Deb and your son DOING THE ROBOT, I can genuinely say I’m in the BEST company! I LOVE (lovelovelove) the pictures, and even moreso, reliving that dinner table moment with you vicariously! And just to state the obvious – YOU RULE!

  5. I love this, Chris! Music breaks barriers, and I’m so happy that your son “showed off” his robotic talents in front of you all! Super fun! 🙂

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