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B.I. Week 10: Getting ready to head into the finals!


Am I really in the final three, you guys? Will I make it to the finals? I think I will, and I’m hoping to get your continued support. Please head over to the Blogger Idol site and VOTE FOR CHRIS! Vote often. I’ll make all of your wildest dreams come true.*

Thanks again. You’re Super Mega Awesome Cool Kids. SMACK!

~ Chris

P.S. Sorry again about only writing a post a week lately. I’m working 9 hours a day and driving over an hour a day to and from work. (I work in higher education, so this is our busy season.) And by the time I get home and have dinner and spend a little time with the fam, I’m ready to check out with some brew and my Rubik’s Cube. I’m looking forward to recovering a bit of mental space soon!

*OK, so I can’t really promise that. But you won’t be disappointed. Promise.


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

4 thoughts on “B.I. Week 10: Getting ready to head into the finals!

  1. Despite my comment on Mama Spaghetti’s entry, you earned my vote. Props to you for keeping everything sailing smooth-ish-ly throughout busy times! 🙂

  2. Woot. Let’s win this thing!

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