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Week 9: Will you help me get to the Final 3?


Friend, family, casual readers:

When I auditioned for the Blogger Idol competition, I wasn’t sure how far I’d go. I had really hoped to make it into the Top 5, and you’ve helped me make it beyond that already! This week there are four remaining contestants, and I’m honored to be among some these talented bloggers. But I have to say…

I’m not ready to “go home” just yet!

Will you help me get to the Final 3?

This week’s assignment was to write about family values or traditions. I actually had a difficult time coming up with any really solid traditions to write about, which is kind of sad in itself. However, I pulled out a very decent post surrounding some core values in regards to raising good men out of our boys. Please give it a read, and…

Vote for Chris Here!

Last week, as much as my post was shared around the “innerwebz,” I still had the fewest votes. I really need your help!

Tip: If you really like my post, encourage your friends to vote (and from multiple browsers *wink wink*). It’s quick and easy; no registration required.

And if you leave me a comment here, I’ll be sure to thank you. Lots.

~ Chris


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

6 thoughts on “Week 9: Will you help me get to the Final 3?

  1. Good luck! My vote is in

  2. Congrats, Chris! That’s super awesome. Final two, here you come.

  3. Woot. You made it.
    I know. Too little, too late. Just trying to get my ranking up. 😉

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