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Use-those-words Wednesday [disturbing] (via The Monster in Your Closet)


Today’s post from Deb of The Monster in Your Closet is poignant and eerily relevant to my post in week’s Blogger Idol assignment entitled Take Care of Each Other, Goddammit: A simple, three-step guide to maintaining your sanity. I hope you’ll read it, as this is something I believe passionately. (And while you’re there, please vote for me and keep me in this contest another week. Thank you!)

Here’s Deb’s post:

Use-those-words Wednesday [disturbing] On September 19, 2008, 14-month-old Nathan Coleman was beat to death by his mother’s boyfriend. His tiny body was discarded in a Dumpster behind my apartment. There will be no silver lining for that precious little boy, who has now been dead more than twice as long as he lived. While there can be no silver lining here, there is hope for all those who yet live and wait for the light that will lead them to safety. I urge you to think of Nathan—and … Read More

via The Monster in Your Closet


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

7 thoughts on “Use-those-words Wednesday [disturbing] (via The Monster in Your Closet)

  1. Thank you so much for linking this entry. It feels so strange to me that we should both, through different paths, find our way to the same sentiment in our entries today.

  2. here’s the comment I left on the linked blog.

    It took me a long time to build up the strength to say to anyone I’m dating: “Stop treating me like this or it’s over.”
    There has never been any physical abuse, thank God, but there has been emotional – which is worse because then we think we’re going crazy because we can’t figure out how to fix the situation.

    Everyone I date knows if he puts a hand on me in an angry way, that he’s out and he’ll have a high-heel enema to take with him.

    Like I said – it has taken a LONG time to be this strong.
    It’s so hard to not judge, not to just grab someone and shake her and say “Can’t you see you’re worth more? You’re worth so much more than that! We love you and want you safe and you’re so worth it! He doesn’t deserve you, you’re beautiful and sexy and so smart and a wonderful mother and dammit you’re worth more than that piece of crap!”

    All we can do is be there – listen – and intervene when we need to.
    Anybody who hurts my son – watch out for the mother tiger going in for the kill.
    Nobody messes with my kid…

    • Good for you, Em. One thing I took away from Dr. Phil before I stopped watching a couple of years ago was “you teach people how to treat you.” That little nugget has always stuck with me. I’m glad you’re at a place where you can stand up for yourself and make it known.

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  4. Hello. Just a random comment. Deb is awesome. You are awesome.
    ‘Nuff said.

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