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B.I. Week 5 Voting: FtB Pays It Forward


Hey, Bungalow Heads!

Last week, you put me through to Week 5 of this competition. Out of the original 12 contestants (see why there were actually 13 here), five have already been eliminated. With the “wild card” contestant, I’m now in the remaining eight. I plan to win, of course, but I’d like to at least make it to the top five!

So, please please please go VOTE FOR ME. Oh, and please do read the post, too. Here was the assignment for this week:

What is one thing that almost ALL bloggers want?  Followers, and page views…. right?

This week is Blogger Idol Gives Back Week.  We are going to focus on giving back to other bloggers.

Make a post, calling out at least FIVE of your favorite blogs.

You must:
*Make sure to put a link to each blog.
*Leave a comment on that blog, or email the blogger, and tell them that they are one of your favorites.
*Write a short paragraph on why you like the blog.

For an example (kind of), click here.  Feel free to use the image in that post as well, if you want to.

We were also given the instructions to include the blog that we read/enjoy the most, and one that inspires us to work harder on our own blog. Those got my top two billings. I thought it was a great list, and so did the judges! I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.


~ Chris


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

2 thoughts on “B.I. Week 5 Voting: FtB Pays It Forward

  1. LOL. Bungalow Heads. I can’t imagine why that didn’t catch on…

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