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What’s So Great About Phish, Anyway? Part 1


The Set Up

For a music lover (and considering I majored in music in college), I haven’t been to many concerts, which makes me really sad. But I’m now with a partner who also loves music, and who has been to many concerts herself. Since we got together, music has been a big part of our relationship. We share several favorite artists and have an ever-growing list of “our songs.” I’m really grateful to Karin for encouraging musical experiences in our household.

We’ve only been to two concerts together so far: Ben Folds and Phish. At each concert, they played “our song” (“The Luckiest” by Ben Folds and “Waste” by Phish).

William Minor, Phish Head

This is not me.

This was my first Phish concert. I am not, by any means, what you’d call a Phish head. In the nineties, I bought a copy of “hoist” (possibly used), and I have enjoyed that CD quite a bit over the years. The music is good, the lyrics are interesting, but I never bought another Phish CD. I’ve listened to them here and there over the years, and even started to learn how to play the guitar part to “If I Could.” And that’s it.

So when Karin heard about Phish playing at DTE, and was dead set on going, I had to ask… Now, mind you, I sat on this question for weeks for fear of being run out of town…

“What’s so great about Phish, anyway?”

See, to some folks, this question is sacrilege. But Karin was cool about it. She described how she had heard it before she was ready for it but along the way something changed her perception. She eventually felt a connection with the music. I felt satisfied with her response.

The Day of the Concert

So we work out a sitter (thanks, John & Mary!), and head to Clarkston, MI. Without tickets. But Karin is confident we can score some before the show. If not from someone with an extra ticket, then from the window, since the show was not sold out.

A couple of failed attempts and one shady character later, we head toward the window, but we decide to wait just three more minutes. After about two minutes, we find a girl with an honest face, some interesting friends, her parents, and two extra tickets. She offers up her parents as collateral in case the printed tickets don’t scan. It’s their first concert, too.

So for less than the cost of lawn, we’re now the proud owners of two pavilion tickets. But only if they scan and honest girl is truly honest. We head in with honest girl, her parents, and her hilariously drunk friend who insisted she had our backs in case some shit went down because she had a middle eastern weapon and it would be Jihad up in this bitch if our tickets didn’t work.

Thankfully, our tickets scan without a problem, honest girl is indeed honest, the parents are released, I hand over my cash, and drunk girl is obviously relieved about having come “that close to some serious shit going down.”

Coming up…

Drugged out guy, belly dancing girl, and what is so great about Phish, anyway.


Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

11 thoughts on “What’s So Great About Phish, Anyway? Part 1

  1. This post is hilarious!! I’m so glad honest girl was honest and that some “crazy shit” did not go down!! hahahaha Too damn funny!!

    I tried posting a second ago, but I dont think it worked. Forgive me if I’ve now double posted.

    My brother insists that I must provide a backlink with all my comments. He says google likes it. Whatev! So here it is: http://www.adventuresofasinglelesbianmother.blogspot.com

    AND it makes me think why did I have to choose such a long URL? blah! hahaha 🙂

  2. Hee hee. Love the Phish folks. Diverse in their own mostly caucasian way. Honesty to shady. You kinda get it all with a healthy dose of the ludicrous in the middle. Can’t wait for part two. Maybe more about the music?

  3. I’m also glad you clarified that the picture was not you. That’s how I’d always pictured you. Well, maybe with a couple more hemp necklaces and glow rings woven through your dreadlocks.

  4. Hehe. Funny stuff, Chris. When’s part 2 coming? *taps foot impatiently*

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