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The Birthday Party Success: A follow up post


Last week I posted a tale from the bungalow called The Birthday Invitation Fiasco, which touched on the topics that came up while Simon was trying to decide how to make the best possible use of a precious commodity: birthday invitations. You’d think those things were Golden Tickets.

giant balloon slide

Mom, Simon, Karin

Well, the party was yesterday afternoon at a place where they have moon-walk style play structures like slides, a boxing ring and an obstacle course. It was something Simon’s mom found and booked for her visit with the kids over the past few days.

And despite the invitation failure, Simon was able to get two school friends to show up. In attendance were my boys, their mom, Karin and her son,  me, my kids’ grandparents (who come to my house quite a bit to visit all the kids, Lucas included), two friends from school and another mom. My family was also invited, but couldn’t make it. (If you’re keeping track, that’s an ex-husband, his fiancee and her kid hanging out for an afternoon with the ex-wife and ex-in-laws.)

Sound awkward? It’s not. Not now, anyway. I won’t say that it’s been roses from the get-go. In even the most congenial divorce there’s going to be hurt feelings at the very least. And while it was a pretty clean, no-fault divorce, we didn’t have “the most congenial” divorce. I credit my kids’ mom for a lot of that, but it does take commitment on both sides. Hmm… leaving a committed relationship to enter into a committed relationship–with the same person. Only, it’s a completely different kind of commitment.

But, that’s a conversation for another day. I’m keeping this one short and on task.

Blended Family

Grandparents, Mom, Finn

I will just also mention that the owner of the place was confused by the presence of the birthday boy’s dad and mom when we had to explain that we weren’t together. But the kids (and adults) all had a lot of fun. Simon loved having his friends and brothers there with him, and both Finn and Simon loved having their parents and grandparents together in the same place.

Sure, we “do it for the children,” but we also do it for us. I’m blessed to have surrounded myself with caring people who see the value of relationships, and who are willing to work toward creating positive ones. Family life can be stressful. Blended families can be tricky and feel awkward. We take it one day at a time. As for yesterday, well, yesterday was a beautiful day.

Parenting from the bungalow,

~ Chris

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Author: Chris

Introspection to a fault. College administrator, parent, soapmaker.

9 thoughts on “The Birthday Party Success: A follow up post

  1. Good story. I like people getting along. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Christpher! We thought it was a beautiful day, too. The smiles on the boys’ faces spoke volumes. We are blessed to have had you for a son-in-law and we will always consider you our son-in-law! More happy days ahead!

  3. I love reading stories like this one. Relationships are more valuable than anything else, and I am glad you are surrounded by so many people who see such value. What a precious gift.

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